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Originally The Skopes, Marvéll's 1960's garage band changed it's name to The Surprize after the Scope mouthwash company banned their song She's Got Bad Breath. The Surprize went on to release a 60's Garage band classic I Will Make History, with an immortal fuzz riff that hooks the listener immediately. James Marvell's teen years in garage bands such as The Skopes, Together and Surprize is studied in this section.

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Around 1969 Surprize members James Marvéll, Buddy Good with their drummer Roger Fuentes joined the pop band Mercy and recorded the million seller Love Can Make You Happy written by Mercy founder and original lead singer of Mercy Jack Sigler, Jr.

The song topped the Billboard, Cashbox and Record World charts at #2, second only to The Beatles' Get Back. Marvéll is pictured top center.

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Marvell knows that artists like Willie, Waylon and David Allan Coe will always be the true legends of the outlaw movements. After leaving Mercy, James Marvéll & Buddy Good went on to form the country group, The Country Cavaleers. This early 1970s duo was on the road with Country and Grand Ole Opry stars. They were a bit of an oddity because of their extremely long hair and real country singing. Many Grand Ole Opry legends and country stars such as Del Reeves and Jean Shepard acknowledged them as being ahead of their time.

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Marvell went solo in 1978 and began designing jewelry for country music icons including Johnny Cash, Willie Nelson and Bill Monroe. It was during this time that James recorded a country version of the Jack Sigler original Love Can Make You Happy which charted in Billboard and Cashbox in 1981. Thousands of country music fans purchased Marvéll's jewelry designs in the 1980s and early 1990s.

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James Marvéll recorded many Christian Country and Country Gospel songs during the 1990s. He had several Top Ten and #1 hits including Only Christian Country, Banking On Jesus, I've Seen His Star and his dramatic original titled Prophecy which he wrote over 40 years ago. In 2014, he released a song titled Washed In The Blood Of The Lamb. In March, the song climbed into the Top 10 on a national chart based in Nashville, Tennessee.

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Today, James Marvell's wife Faye joins him as they bring back the hits he recorded with Mercy in the 1960s and more. You'll find them performing at RV Resorts in the Rio Grande Valley of Texas and retirement communities along the coasts of Florida. The 60s are making a comeback along with images of that era like peace signs and tie dye shirts. Everywhere they perform James and Faye have folks joining in the fun.

Faye is also a talented watercolor artist. Click here to see Faye's Artwork

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